September Trial Meetings: Important Message For All Bookmakers

We are aware that there are many questions regarding the arrangements for the trial race meetings that commenced on 18th August 2020. We will endeavour to answer all of those questions in this message and will update the message as the situation evolves.

How many bookmakers can attend?
Most tracks will have one or two bookmakers in attendance.

Are all racecourses taking part?
We believe so, with the exception of Chepstow and Bangor-on-Dee. This is due to differences between the policies imposed by the Welsh Assembly compared to Parliament.

How will bookmakers know if they are able to attend or not?
Bookmakers should 'opt in' by contacting or 01480 499180 at least two days ahead of the relevant race meeting. AGT will then allocate pitches in strict List Position order and we will contact the bookmakers who have been successful.

What about Minor Ring bookmakers?
If the pitches available are situated within a Minor Ring, then the Minor Ring Bookmakers List will be used in accordance with the terms of the 2052 contracts.

How will pitches be allocated between Tatts/Rails/Minor/etc.?
Each racecourse will be different, because where the pitches are situated will determine which bookmakers stand. Again, the 2052 contracts will be key.

Who decides where the pitches are allocated?
The racecourse. 

Is there a requirement to take part in any training prior to attending the racecourse?
All staff must undergo the BHA's COVID-19 training module, which takes around 20 minutes. Please use the following link to access and click on 'Safeguarding, Integrity, Health and Welfare' then 'Covid-19 Information for Participants of the Racing Industry.' N.B. that you will have to create an account and log in. A certificate is issued at the end of the training and you may be asked to provide this at the racecourse on request, so please take it with you to the track along with photo ID.

Are cash transactions permitted?
Yes. Contactless transactions are preferred but cash payments for bets and cash payouts are acceptable. Hygiene measures must be in place for both contactless and cash transactions.

What about the joint and equipment?
Bookmakers will need to take their own joint and equipment or arrange for it to be delivered by a provider. All equipment should be sanitised prior to arriving at the racecourse. 

Should staff wear face masks?
All customer-facing staff MUST wear a face mask or visor.  

Do bookmakers need to carry out a risk assessment?
By law, all businesses are responsible for the Health and Safety of their operations. The FRB has produced a template risk assessment policy that bookmakers can use as the basis of their own risk assessment, but it is important that the template is reviewed and adapted so that it is suitable for each individual bookmaking business rather than adopted without thought as to how it may apply to the bookmaker's particular circumstances. The template risk assessment may be found in 'Document Downloads.'

Does the racecourse need to know in advance who will be attending?
Yes, the racecourse will require names, email addresses and postcodes in advance for the Track and Trace programme. Once their attendance has been confirmed, bookmakers should email this information to the racecourse and cc

Will the badge fee be waived?
At the discretion of the racecourse, the badge fee may be waived for the duration of the trial period. Where a BRM is present, the AGT fee will be collected in cash on the day.