AGT commenced its activities on 1 July 2008 as the successor organisation to the National Joint Pitch Council. It is a company limited by guarantee and has six members as follows:

  • the National Association of Bookmakers;
  • the Rails Bookmakers' Association;
  • the Association of Racecourse Bookmakers;
  • an Executive Director; and
  • two independent members, Tracey Matthews (who acts as Chair of the AGT Board) and Steve Winfield

While the Bookmaker Associations retain member status, they do not have any representatives on the AGT Board.  The independent Board is comprised of the two independent members and the Executive Director.

Under contract to the 59 British racecourses, AGT is responsible for the administration of racecourse bookmakers and the conduct of on-course betting.

AGT is represented at all race meetings by its Betting Ring Managers who, amongst other duties, carry out the allocation of pitches to on-course bookmakers and help to settle disputes between the bookmakers and their customers. The Betting Ring Managers also help bookmakers and racecourses to satisfy the conditions of their licences as issued by the Gambling Commission and local authorities respectively.

Centrally, AGT has a small office located in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, which deals with the authorisation of bookmakers and their employees, the maintenance and updating of the bookmakers' lists, list position transfers, late pay, finance and policy.