Racecourse Arrangements From 17th May 2021

This page will be the 'one stop shop' for all details regarding Bookmaker Numbers etc. from 17th May to 18th July 2021. It will be updated frequently, so please refer to it often to keep abreast of the latest news. Please note that the fixture list may be different to that advertised in calendars  https://www.britishhorseracing.com/racing/fixtures/upcoming/

Updated: Ascot Royal

Bookmakers Attending
Tatts 1-28 all week excluding no. 11, 30
Rails 1-10 all week

The Bookmaker Numbers have been revised upwards (Tatts 28, Rails 10, Heath is now closed) following confirmation that the crowd capacity has increased to 12,000. The revised arrangements for Royal Ascot are now available in 'Document Downloads.' Please see separate announcement https://www.agt-ltd.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/2021-05/Ascot%20Royal%20Bookmaker%20Arrangements%202021%20UPDATED.pdf

For details of the compulsory Lateral Flow Test programme pertaining to Royal Ascot, please read the following document.

For access arrangements and details of the pitch layouts, please read the following document.

Ayr 22nd June 2021

For this meeting owners, annual owners, club members and season ticket holders (approx 225 in total) will be located in the upstairs Princess Royal Suite and the paddock area and 250 spectators will be in the Ayrshire Suite (no Bookmakers allowed inside this suite) and paddock area. Bookmaker number 4 -  2 x Tatts and 2 x Rails (1 to 1 mechanism), standing in odd numbered pitches in the paddock to service all of the aforementioned patrons. The betting badge will cost £50 plus AGT fee.
Bookmakers interested must opt in through AGT process and if successful must provide track and trace details.

Bath racecourse will be using: - 
3 x Rail positions, numbers 2, 4, 6
16 x Tatts positions Front 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
                               Back 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31

The 4 positions adjacent to Paddock will not be used all season, due to this area being a Covid Test Centre. The 7 positions outside the Marquee will not be used at present. However this may change as season evolves.

The racecourse will be utilising all the area on the lawn, by having a large section of tables and chairs for customers. The racecourse are forecasting in region of 3000 customers for the fixture on 12th June.

There will be no Badge Fee and the AGT fee will be collected on the day. 

Updated: Beverley racecourse - see separate announcement https://www.agt-ltd.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/2021-06/Beverley%20Bookmakers%20June-July%202021.pdf 

Brighton Details to follow.


Carlisle racecourse has confirmed that the crowd capacity for the fixture on Wednesday  23rd June 2021 will be 2000.

Aligned with JCR policy previously announced the Bookmaker Number will be set at a total of 13, comprised of 2x Rails and 11 Tattersalls bookmakers.The two Rails bookmakers will be pitched into positions 1 and 3 to provide adequate spacing between joints. Similarly, Tattersalls bookmakers will be pitched into odd numbered pitches on the front row up to no.17, any who wish to take up pitches on the second row will be allocated pitches situated directly in the spaces between pitches 2&3, 4&5, etc. on the front row.

Bookmakers betting badge can be purchased through the AGT web site link as for the previous fixtures, opt in and bookmaker/staff details must be forwarded to AGT office for track and trace purposes.

Cartmel 25/27 June and 17/19 July

Bookmaker Numbers

Tatts/Paddock - 5

Course - 13

The June crowds are expected to be 2000 in the Course Enclosure and a maximum of 1200 members/owners in Tatts/Paddock, although there is usually a significant drop-out rate for members. The Tatts pitches will be in the same location as they were for the May race meetings.


Bookmaker Numbers

Tatts - 4, betting on the front row pitches 1, 3, 5, 7
Rails - 3, betting in pitches 1, 3, 5

Expected attendance c700 inc. paying public, owners and members. Badge is free, AGT fee will be collected on the day.


Chester 25th/26th June 

Chester are expecting a crowd of around 2500 for both days. Around 1000 are in general admission and 1500 in hospitality. 

9 Tatts, using alternate pitches 
7 Rails, using alternate pitches. 

The tables and chairs will be in a different position in Tatts for these 2 fixtures. They will be further down in Tatts nearer the Rails. This hopefully will be beneficial for both Tatts and Rails Bookmakers. The Tatts bookmakers will be betting in pitches nearer the Dee Stand. 

A new area of 4 pitches in a similar location to the last fixture will be allocated via the 1:1 mechanism.

Bookmaker Badges can be purchased on the Chester Racecourse website or by phone on 01244 304610. Please ask for Andrea. The betting badge fee is £105. This price also includes the AGT fee and up to two workers. Betting badges must be purchased for both fixtures by 12 midday on Thursday. 


Bookmaker Numbers

  • 32 Tatts
  • 8 Rails
  • Expected crowd = 2000

All pitches will be double-spaced and Tatts pitches include the Cobbles area.

Bookmakers must enter at gate 8 as pre-covid. Parking will be in the forward car park. Tickets can be collected from the stewards based outside the grounds shed.

We require the following track and trace data for each bookmaker and their team
•    Full name
•    Address
•    Post code
•    Email address
•    Contact number

Ffos Las 

Bookmaker Number = 7

Every other anchorage point can be used, so there is a maximum of 4 positions available adjacent to the paddock.

Bookmkaers to opt in with AGT at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. The AGT fee will be collected on the day.


Goodwood  will be operating as one enclosure and encouraging customers to spread from the existing Members' Enclosure along to the Moretti bar at the entrance to the Lennox Enclosure. 

Bookmakers Attending 18/06/21
Tatts  20, 24, 47 
Rails 1-6 inc., 16, 22

Goodwood have had applications for approximately 2,000 tickets for the meeting this week. This is comparable to last week's meetings. They are finding that there is a ‘drop out’ rate of approximately 50%. So it would be fair to expect an actual crowd of 1000 who will, based on the experience of previous meetings, mostly be based in the Richmond enclosure. Goodwood have confirmed that they will not be screening the Euro 2020 match taking place that evening.

Goodwood will be operating the badgebox as normal for these meetings. The fee will be £120 to include the pitch administration fee. Staff will be £30.

This will be payable in cash, the right money must be tendered.

Badges will only be sold to those names provided by AGT in advance. 

Bookmaker Numbers

Tatts 27. Using odd-numbered pitches on the front row, even numbers on the 2nd row and no pitches at the Moretti Bar. 
Rails 8, using alternate pitches.

Hamilton 24th June, 2021

A maximum of 15 Bookmakers are permitted to attend, 3 rails and 12 tatts - the Bookmakers will be pitched in on alternative positions as follows -rails nos 1,3 and 5- tatts front row 1,3,5,7 -10,12,14,16,18,20 or 2,4,6-9,11,13,17,19 on the second row. Bookmakers wishing to attend must opt in through the AGT process. Successful Bookmakers must complete risk assessment forms (only if different Bookmakers from previous meeting). These are available on the AGT web site and must be forwarded through AGT main office - this is a mandatory requirement by the Local Authority and if not completed and submitted Bookmakers will not be permitted to stand. Strictly one Bookmaker and one assistant per pitch is allowed. Betting badge will be 4 x admission - £100 (including 1 staff member) plus £30 AGT fee and be paid on entry through the badge box situated adjacent to turnstiles (same place as previous) . Bookmakers car parking near to Hotel in public car park.

Haydock Park hosts eight race meetings from 21st May to 19th June, with Bookmaker Numbers as follows: -

Rails - 5 all meetings, using every other pitch
Tatts.-  5 for all midweek meetings, 8 on Saturday 19th June 
Be Friendly.- closed

Bookmakers Attending 19/06/21
Tatts 1-5 inc., 7, 8, 9
Rails 1, 3, 5, 6, 8

Tatts bookmakers will be situated on the second line using every other pitch, starting on the second pitch away from the Rails. Be Friendly bookmakers will also be double-spaced.

For the meetings on 22nd and 29th May, Be Friendly will be within the one enclosure Grandstand & Paddock area and Tatts prices apply to all bookmakers.

Hexham Sunday 20th June 2021 

Bookmaker Number = 10 (Tatts)

Bookmakers Attending 20/6/21
Tatts 1-10 inc

Approximately 1000-1200 spectators/owners/members are expected to attend this meeting allowing a maximum number of 10 Bookmakers to attend - 6 on the odd numbered pitches 1-11 on the bottom row and 4 on even numbered pitches 2-8 on the top row. Bookmakers badge free Agt fee collected on the day. Bookmakers must opt in and provide bookmaker/staff details through Agt office.

Kempton Park : 1 Tatts, 3 Rails


Leicester 24th June - expected attendance c500.

Code for Non member bookmaker is NM12332!

Bookmakers with annual members badges please contact the racecourse for your code.

All badges to be paid by Tuesday 22nd 4pm.

During COVID restrictions bookmaker member cards have been cancelled so they won’t swipe on the day of the races. All workers that are not members must pay for an entrance badge when you pay for your badge online. 

The Rails Bookmaker Number will be 4, using every other Rails joint. 

All Tatts anchorage points are available.

Would bookmakers please enter via Gate 3 and ensure that all vehicles are removed from the racecourse two hours before the first race. Any late arrivals will not be allowed to drive into the betting ring. 

Lingfield Park racecourse has set the bookmaker number at 50% of the maximum for the meetings taking place between 17th May and 21st June i.e. 8 Rails 14 Tatts.

TURF Bookmakers Attending 19/06/21
Tatts 1-3 inc., 5-8 inc., 10, 12, 14, 18, 21, 24, 25
Rails 1-3 inc., 5-8 inc., 11

Market Rasen

Bookmakers Attending 18/06/21
Tatts 1, 4, 5, 7
Rails 1, 2
Silver 1, 2 

Bookmaker Numbers N.B. Silver ring now has two bookmakers.

  • Tatts - 4
  • Rails - 2
  • Silver - 2


Bookmaker Number will be 2 rails and 4 tatts, making a total of 6 Bookmakers.
2 of these Bookmakers will be allocated pitches using the 1:1 mechanism on the lawn picnic area at the half furlong pole and the others in the main betting ring.
The betting badge will cost 3 x admission (£30) = £90 plus AGT fee total £120.


Bookmaker Numbers

  • 5 rails - using even numbered pitches
  • 5 Tatts. 

There will be no bookmakers in alternative areas. 

The AMF fee for the flat season will be waived. The badge will be set at 3x general admission plus the AGT fee. Badges should be purchased at the East entrance building, you may park outside whilst buying badges and then proceed to the usual car park and entrance. Badges will only be sold to those named on the advance information provided by AGT. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BY CARD.  Please ensure full details of those attending are given to AGT no less than 48 hours in advance. Bookmakers are permitted a total of 3 persons (i.e. bookmaker plus two staff) per pitch. 

Newcastle Thursday Friday Saturday 24-26th June

Thursday 24th June Normal meeting where alternate pitches will be used allowing only 5 rails pitches  and if any tatts Bookmakers choose the Colonel Porter only a maximum of 3 pitches will be operated.

Friday 25th June

Approximately 2000 spectators estimated to attend this evening meeting. Alternate pitches will be used again allowing only 5 rails pitches and 3 in Colonel Porter. No new areas available.

Saturday 26th June -Northumberland Plate A total of 4,000 spectators/owners are expected to attend spread as follows- 2000 in main tatts area, 1370 in premier/owners/hospitality, 400 tented village and about 230 in centre marquee.

New betting areas will be 2 x Bookmakers in Tented Village and 1 x Bookmaker at centre marquee where a W Hill unit and tote booth will be operated-these positions will be allocated using the normal tatts/rails 1 to 1 mechanism.

Alternate pitches will be used allowing a maximum of 5 rails pitches and in the main betting ring only the front and back rows will be used (middle row not in use to allow for social distancing) Bookmakers will be able to stand along odd numbered pitches in both rows of the old silver ring if required.

Bookmakers should be aware the Bookmaker number normally is 104 but due to the restrictions/alternate pitches and the middle row of tatts not in use this reduces the number of pitches available to 42  (in addition to 3 in Colonel Porter and 2 in new areas). Bookmkaers must opt in at least 48 hours in advance in accordance with the established process. For all 3 days the Bookmakers badge is free and the BRM will collect the AGT fee each day.

Newmarket July Course 18th/19th June

JULY Bookmakers Attending 18/06/21
Tatts 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13
Rails 1-6 inc., 8, 9

JULY Bookmakers Attending 19/06/21
Tatts 1, 2, 4, 6-15 inc., 17, 18
Rails 1-6 inc., 8, 9

Tatts will use the front line and 3rd line on every pitch (because they are 3 metres apart).

Rails 8 using pitches 1,3,5,9,11,13,15,17

On the 18th Newmarket are expecting a crowd of around 2000/2500. 
The bookmaker numbers for this fixture are, Tatts 8 Rails 8. This fixture is a one enclosure meeting. 

On the 19th Newmarket are expecting a crowd of 3500. 
The bookmaker numbers for this fixture are, Tatts now increased to 15 Rails 8. This fixture there is a separate members and Tatts area. 

The garden enclosure is closed on both days.
All vehicles must be out of the race course 2 1/4 hours before the first race. 

Newton Abbot have requested TBC Tatts bookmakers to attend at the next meeting on 21st June 2021. There will be no betting badge, just the AGT fee which will be collected on the day. Bookmakers must use every other anchorage point. Racegoer attendance will be in the region of TBC. The Rails and Silver Ring will not be open.

Bookmakers must park in the centre course. Bookmakers will need to call Newton Abbot in advance on 01626 353235 to book a ticket for themselves and one worker which will need to be collected at the gate.

Nottingham 24th June

Bookmaker Numbers

Tatts - 5
Rails - 1

Crowd expected approx. tbc.

Perth Saturday 19th June 2021 

Bookmakers Attending 19/06/21
Tatts 2, 5
Rails 1

Silver 1, 2

The following positions will be available for Bookmakers on the 1 to 1 tatts/rails mechanism for 2 tatts and 1 rails - 1 x Bmk on lawn near owners marquee as previously during racing behind closed doors- 1 x Bmk at last ditch area and 1 x Bmk in head on near Barn. Also 2 x Bmks in the centre course/silver ring enclosure.

Bookmakers are required to opt in and the AGT fee will be collected on the day by BRM.

Pontefract racecourse - see separate announcement plus update below.

Bookmakers Attending 20/6/21
Upper Tatts 1-7 inc
Rails 1-4 inc
Third Enclosure 1,3,5,6,7

The racecourse is expecting a crowd of no more than 1500 (inc. owners) for the race meeting on 7th June.

1. Rails Bookmakers are to use alternate pitches starting with the pitch nearest the steppings i.e. a choice of 1, 3, 5, and 7 so the pitch nearest the racetrack is not occupied.

2. As a result of the arrangements being made to provide seating for racegoers, the 7 Upper Tatts Bookmakers will have a choice out of any of the following pitches:-

Front Row 10, 12, 18 ,20, 22 and 24

Second Row 12, 16 and 18

3. Picnic Bookmakers will have a choice of pitches 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.  

The ‘useable’ numbers in Upper Tatts & Picnic have been resprayed.

The precise location of the single pitch on the Marquee Site will be determined on the day  

Redcar  Update: maximum persons per joint now increased to THREE i.e. bookmaker plus two staff. 

Bookmakers Attending 18/06/21
Tatts 1-5 inc., 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16
Rails 1-3 inc. 

Bookmakers Attending 19/06/21
Tatts 1-9 inc., 11, 12, 13
Rails 1-3 inc. 

Friday 18th & Saturday 19th June.  We have a maximum public attendance of 1,850 on each day.  We anticipate that we will sell out for the Saturday but Friday will be a much steadier day with it being a mid-week fixture.

Working on the ratio of 1:125 the maximum bookmaker numbers for these days will be 3 x Rails and 12 x Tattersalls.  We are currently using alternate pitches on the second and third row – the first row being out of commission to enable social distancing. Therefore the Tatts bookmakers will be aligned as front row of 7, back row of 5.

We are currently operating one enclosure as the Course Enclosure is not open due to C-19 operational constraints, as per previous meetings in May and June.

The marketing fee is being waived and the daily bookmaker badge fee is 5 x the entrance fee plus the AGT fee, payable in advance.  Any bookmakers wishing to attend should contact the racecourse office on 01642 484 068 to pay their fees in advance and to be issued with e-tickets for themselves and their clerks.  

Further details will be provided at a later date for race meetings from 21st June onwards.


N.B. Three persons allowed per joint for the meeting on 17th June only. See separate announcement https://www.agt-ltd.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/2021-06/Ripon%20Bookmaker%20Arrangements%20May-June%202021%20%232.pdf

Salisbury racecourse 

Tatts - 4 bookmakers plus one assistant each. Anchorage Points on front row to be used. Numbers 3,5,7,9.
DBB 3 x £14 plus AGT fee. Bookmakers will be invoiced for DBB and AGT fee will be collected on the day. No Annual Marketing Fee payable.
Up to 400 paying customers plus owners and members.

Silver - 3 bookmakers plus one assistant each. Numbers 1,3,5 to be used. DBB 3 x £10 plus AGT fee. No AMF.  Estimated attendance to be confirmed. 

Rails - Not open 
Paddock Area - Not open

Salisbury racecourse will update future arrangements following this meeting.

Sandown Park 

Bookmaker Numbers TBC


Updated: Southwell racecourse have 4 fixtures between the 17th May and 21st June.

The  Green Zone has been altered and 2x Rails bookmakers will be able to bet. The front Members Lawn adjoining Rails books is open for Owners/Trainers & Annual Members.

The Tatts enclosure will have 17 anchorage points available (one line, every other pitch) so this is the maximum number of bookmakers that will be able to bet. 

Gates open to the public 2 hours before racing and vehicles must be off the site beforehand. Parking is in Car Park B, please report to the Entrance on arrival.


The bookmaker number has changed to Tatts 6, Silver 3, rails closed. Expected attendances are 600 Tatts and 300 Silver.

You can now purchase your bookmakers betting badge on the Stratford racecourse website. This will close Thursday at 3pm.

The badge fee will be two times the entrance fee and all bookmakers must pre-pay on the Stratford racecourse website.


Family Enc. 2, 3, 4


We will be effectively operating with 2-enclosures, but all the public are free to move between them. These are:
•    Public Enclosure (Rails & Tatts); and 
•    Park & View Enclosure (Family Ring)

Number of Bookmakers and Breakdown

The number of bookmakers to be admitted for Tue 15th JUNE 2021 - based on a ratio of approximately 1:125 and a forecast total attendance of 1,750 - is 14 bookmakers.

These should be split as follows:
•    RAILS:  x3 
•    TATTS:  x8 
•    FAMILY: x3

We shall review the estimated attendance on a meeting by meeting basis.


The fees are as follows:
•    RAILS & TATTS:  Bookmakers’ Badge £92.50 (including AGT charge of £30) 
•    FAMILY: Bookmakers’ Badge £55 (including AGT charge of £10) 
•    CLERKS’: Daily entry ticket £12.50 applicable for all clerks, irrespective of the pitch location

Payment Arrangements

Bookmakers are to pre-pay by credit or debit card by calling the Thirsk Racecourse Office, by no later than 12.00pm the day before racing, on tel: 01845 522276

At the time of paying for their bookmaker’s badge they must also lodge the names of all those staff who will be attending the meeting with them, and pay for the requisite number of entry tickets. A maximum of x2 staff per pitch will be permitted (in addition to the bookmaker her/himself).

Racecourse Entry & Exit

The names of all the accredited bookmakers and their staff will be placed with the racecourse’s designated security personnel on the main Public Enclosure Entrance on Station Road (i.e. the double-gates next to the bandstand, opposite the public car park).  All bookmakers and their staff should seek admission at this entrance, which is also their exit.

All accredited personnel will be required to produce ID and, subject to doing so, they will be admitted to the racecourse. If they are not accredited or fail to produce satisfactory ID then they will not be admitted to the race meeting.


NB.  VEHICLES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INTO THE RACECOURSE, NOR WILL THEY BE ABLE TO PULL-UP AT THE ENTRANCE as the surrounding space will be railed-off to facilitate the requisite safe queuing space for racegoers as they pass through the designated entry point.

The data on who has attended each meeting must be retained by the racecourse for 3 weeks, as required by the Government’s ‘track and trace’ protocols.

Uttoxeter racecourse race 4 times between May 17th and June 21st.

Bookmaker Numbers 
17 - Tatts
4 - Rails
Closed - Course

Windsor racecourse Bookmaker Numbers are 8 Rails and 14 Tatts, with bookmakers using alternate pitches. There will be 8 positions behind the Grandstand via the 1:1 mechanism, taken from the total of 22 bookmakers.

The racecourse will operate on a 'one enclosure' basis and the Silver Ring will be closed until further notice.

Wolverhampton racecourse has five fixtures between 18th May and 8th June. The Tatts Bookmaker Number will be 18 (using alternate anchorage points). The Rails Bookmaker Number will be 3. Rails bookmakers will now be betting from Rail positions 1, 3, 5 and not as previously stated in the ‘Sunbeam Suite’. This change is due to a reconfiguration of the Green Zone area.


Bookmakers Attending 20/6/21
Tatts 1-4 inc
Silver 1,2,5,6,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16

Bookmaker Numbers 

Tatts - 4 (approx. attendance on 20th June = 400)
Silver/Centre - 12 (approx. attendance on 20th June = 600)
Rails - closed

Updated: Yarmouth racecourse have 5 fixtures between the 19th May and 21st June. 

Due to the changing of the Green Zone the ring layouts have now changed. All the facilities will be where they usually are behind the grandstand. The owners' area will no longer be in the centre course so no bookmaker is required here. 
The ring layout is as follows: -
Using Tatts 2nd line and 4th line we will use every other pitch. This is a total of 10 Tatts pitches. 
Following a review of the race meeting on 19th May, the rails Bookmaker Number has been reduced to 3. 

All vehicles must be removed from the betting ring by 2 hours and 15 minutes before the first race.

York racecourse - see separate announcement https://www.agt-ltd.co.uk/sites/default/files/public/2021-04/York%20Bookmaker%20Temp%20Conditions%20for%20Stage%203%20Racedays%20290421.pdf

Bookmakers please note that entrance is via the Houghton Stand, adjacent to the Paddock and Grandstand turnstiles.

Please bear in mind that the racecourse arrangements are constantly evolving nationwide, so there may be changes to the above information at short notice.