Message for Bookmakers at ARC Tracks

ARC are pleased to announce that there will be no badge fees for on-course bookmakers and their staff (up to a maximum of 3 people including the bookmaker) when the next stage of Covid restrictions are lifted on the 17th May across all ARC racecourses.

This will be reviewed for fixtures from the 21st June onwards based on any restrictions that may still be in place from that date.

ARC will stagger the reintroduction of on-course bookmaker badge fees on or after the 21st June, so that they gradually increase to normal levels in stages rather than in one go. 

In addition to this, ARC will not be charging any marketing fees to on-course bookmakers until the 1st September this year. 

To accommodate social distancing rules we will operate a maximum capacity of 50% of bookmaker pitches until the 21st June at the earliest. Spectator numbers are restricted to a maximum of 4,000 between 17th May and 21st June and Bookmaker Numbers will be determined by each individual racecourse in line with Covid restrictions.

Please note that the AGT daily administration fee will still be payable and will be collected in cash by the Betting Ring Manager.