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Taunton Bookmakers

Bookmakers who wish to bring cars in to the Betting Ring will be allowed access 2 1/4 hours before the first race and must be off site before gates open to public 2 hours before first race. No access will be allowed once the gates are open for Public entrance.

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Thirsk Bookmakers

Following a recent meeting between Chris Hudson and Mark Sawyer (representing the Thirsk betting ring bookmakers) and myself (representing Thirsk Racecourse) we have agreed that we will trial a new area, for up to three pitches, in 2019.

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Challenge 21

Challenge 21

Bookmakers are reminded that they should operate a 'Challenge 21' policy when taking bets from young adults.  There is 'best practice' advice on this topic in Document Downloads (see 'Serve Legal Advice on Think 21').

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Chester Dee Bookmakers

Could all Dee Bookmakers please enter and exit the racecourse through the gate near the badge box. You will not be able to gain access to the Dee through the Course enclosure and wheeling your kit across the racetrack.

For further information or clarification contact: -

Neil Pateman on 07973 122071.

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