Message to Bookmakers with a List Position on Jockey Club Racecourses’ (JCR) Tracks

We are delighted to be able to welcome back spectators and on-course bookmakers with effect from 17 May.

As you are aware, between 17th May and 21st June, spectator numbers are restricted to a maximum of 4,000. The precise spectator number will be determined by individual racecourses taking into consideration COVID-19 and other Health & Safety factors, and notified accordingly.

On-course bookmaker numbers will be determined by assessing the actual number of spectators that can access betting areas and them applying the 1 : 150 ratio of bookmakers to members of the public with such access.

During this period, bookmakers will be charged for a Daily Betting Badge at a rate of 3 x the public admission price.  All Daily Betting badges will need to be pre-paid, prior to arrival at the racecourse.  All persons attending to work on a pitch (maximum of two persons per pitch) will be required to supply contact details for the Government Track and Trace system and confirm they are happy to comply with the Jockey Club Code of Conduct.  The applicable Daily Betting Badge fee for the remainder of the year will be notified before 21st June.

There will not be an Annual Marketing Fee charge, this will be reviewed on 1st September 2021.

We look forward to the gradual return to welcoming more people back to JCR tracks during this year.