Important Message for Cheltenham Festival Bookmakers

As per the meeting notes from the Bookmaker’s Liaison Committee Meeting held on 2 October 2019 displayed on the AGT website, this is a brief reminder that there will no longer be a Badge Box in operation during any future race meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse.
In line with the practice that has been in operation for several years at The Festival, bookmakers badge purchase - Daily Betting Badges, Annual Marketing Fee payments, AGT Daily Fee payments are now available only online, along with admission tickets - for all Cheltenham race meetings. Those bookmakers on The Festival List will be aware that badges are available in advance, now up until 10.00 on the morning of racing.
Should a bookmaker decide not to attend the race meeting prior to pitching in, having bought badges online, a full refund for unused badges/tickets will be provided upon request. Please email (order number and badge/ticket details required), within 7 days of the meeting.
To purchase your badge/tickets requirements use one of the links below:

If you have already paid the Annual Marketing Fee, use this link:

If you need to pay the AMF and buy DBB etc use this link:

Should you need any help with purchasing online please call our Helpdesk 0344 579 3019 and select Option 1. 

I look forward to welcoming on-course bookmakers to Cheltenham in 2020 and beyond, and take this opportunity to wish you and your staff a happy and prosperous New Year.
David Mackinnon
Heads of Operations