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Perth Ladies Day 16th May 2019

3 x additional pitches in the Head on area and 1 x additional pitch at the Last Ditch will be available for this meeting, cost an extra £75 (additional 3 x admission}-these pitches will be allocated using the normal 1 to 1 tatts/rails mechanism.

The Bookmakers badge will 6 x admission plus £25 if an assistant (7 x admission). Although the Silver ring will remain closed for this meeting a private marquee with 500 ladies will be in the centre of the course-like last year, 2 x Bookmakers from the silver ring list will be allocated pitches outside the marquee- list position nos 1 and 2 have already indicated they will attend, should this change then the next list positions will be contacted.

Bookmakers are reminded pitch in time is 90 minutes before the first race.