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Think 21

Bookmakers are reminded that they should operate a 'Think 21' policy when taking bets from young adults.  There is 'best practice' advice on this topic in Document Downloads (see 'Serve Legal Advice on Think 21').

The top tip from Serve Legal is for all bookmakers and staff to scan the queue, so that you give yourself advance warning when a young adult is approaching.  This also deters potential underage gamblers, as they perceive that they have been 'spotted.'

Remember to look at each customer as you serve them.  AGT staff have reported that some bookmakers/staff look at the bank note the customer is holding rather than the face of the person holding it.

If there is a 1% chance that the person trying to place a bet is 21 or under, you should ask for ID and diligently check that ID.

And if history suggests you and/or your staff are not very good at Think 21.........then try Think 25!