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Thirsk Bookmakers

Following a recent meeting between Chris Hudson and Mark Sawyer (representing the Thirsk betting ring bookmakers) and myself (representing Thirsk Racecourse) we have agreed that we will trial a new area, for up to three pitches, in 2019.

The area is to be known as Parade Ring (East) and is situated to the east side of the Parade Ring, in the Paddock, upsides the Woolpack Garden fence line.

We have agreed that NO LESS than two bookmakers should stand there (i.e. if less than two takers then it is not to be utilised) and three bookmakers should stand as a MAXIMUM.  In reality we expect this to be most attractive on Saturday afternoons (of which Thirsk stages 5 fixtures – out of 16 in total in 2019) and much less so for the remainder.


Any bookmaker wishing to stand in this new area should notify the Betting Ring Manager no later than 75 minutes before the first race. 

If either 2 or 3 bookmakers decide to take up the new positions then we will REPLENISH the lists as necessary accordingly.

James Sanderson 
Manager & Clerk of the Course