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Pontefract Racecourse: Reorganisation of Enclosures


The Management of Pontefract Racecourse wishes to advise all Bookmakers that the reorganisation of the Enclosures at Pontefract which was announced in May last year is currently being carried out and will be in operation from the first meeting of the year on 9th April.

The “Premier” (formerly “Members”) Enclosure boundary “rail” is being moved approximately 20m into Tattersalls (Paddock) Enclosure. Except for moving the pitches with the “rail”, Rails pitches will not be affected.

The movement of the rail will result in the loss of 13 Tattersalls Pitches immediately “in front” of the Rails made up of Pitches 1 – 7 from the front row and Pitches 1 – 6 from the Second row.

The fences which previously divided the Paddock (Tattersalls) from the Second (Silver) Enclosure and the Second Enclosure from the Third (Butts) Enclosure have all been removed. A new fence is being installed at a point roughly in line with the midpoint of the Second Stand so that half the terracing and lawn in front of the Second Stand will be in the Paddock (Tattersalls) Enclosure and the other half in the Third (Butts) Enclosure. Silver Ring bookmakers will retain their positions and status but will become “lower Tattersalls” Bookmakers. The new rail will result in the loss of 8 “Lower Tattersalls” Pitches adjoining the extended Third Enclosure made up of Pitches 11 – 16 from the front row and 13 & 14 in the Back Row. In addition, whilst Pitches 1 & 2 Front Row and 1 in the Back Row will remain in place, they will not be used at least in the early part of the season. We need to assess the effect of the changes and the redevelopment referred to below before deciding whether these Pitches will stay or be removed.

The existing Tattersalls Pitches will be renamed “Upper Tattersalls”.

Lower Tattersalls Bookmakers will be charged by reference to Paddock admission, and will need to enter via the Paddock Bookmakers Badge Office next to the Main Entrance Gate. The “Old” Silver Turnstiles and Badge Office will not be open.

The “old” Tote hexagonal building between the two Main Stands has been demolished. The area which it occupied and the area around it is being terraced, and the “old” “Riders Bar” is to be refurbished, and upgraded. It is intended to have the terracing complete by 9th April but the new Bar will not be finished until the meeting on Friday Evening 24th May.

Bookmakers with Pitches in the former Second (Silver) Enclosure who do not wish to become “Lower Tattersalls” Bookmakers may elect at any time before 31st December this year (2019) to “join” the Third “Butts” Enclosure Lists for the 2020 season. Any who do wish to move will join the Third Enclosure List after List Position (i.e. “pick”) 22 in order of their seniority on the Second (now Lower Tattersalls) List.

The “Bookmaker Number” (i.e. the number allowed to stand at any meeting) and the location of Third Enclosure (Butts) Pitches is not affected in any way by these changes.

Based on Bookmakers attendances for the last four years the reductions in Pitches will still leave more than sufficient pitches available for all bookmakers who wish to attend and no new anchorage points are being installed at this time.

The layout of Enclosures and Bookmakers Pitches has hardly changed since the two Main Stands were built between 1916 and 1923, when the majority of racegoers were in the “Lower Enclosures”. Nowadays the opposite is the case and we must adapt to modern circumstances. We appreciate there will be some teething troubles and we will consider any operational suggestions but we do not intend to consider any further changes to Pitch layouts until there has been sufficient time for the changes outlined above to settle down.

Anyone who has any queries should contact Norman Gundill via