Administration of Gambling on Tracks Ltd Administration of Gambling on Tracks Ltd

Cheltenham 2019 Festival Arrangements

Race Programme
•    Gates Open 10.30 am
•    First Race 13.30 pm
•    Last Race 17.30 pm
•    7 races each day
•    Bookmakers early vehicle access before 9.30. No vehicle access after 9.30. Badges to be displayed

Bookmakers Badges
•    Pre-purchase of betting badges on line in advance is compulsory.
•    If you haven't got an annual members badge,you must buy an admission badge as well.
•    Refunds will be available for non-attendance
•    The latest cut off time for purchasing badges will be 18.00 pm the night before
•    Details and instruction on how to purchase badges is posted on AGT Website.

Access to Racecourse
•    Badges must be worn and shown at all times.
•    Please let it be known to car park teams that you are a bookmaker on arrival.

•    Threat levels continue to be high and the racecourse is considered at risk
•    All Kit should be labelled with contact name.
•    Unidentified objects in the betting ring will be reported and removed
•    The Betting Ring Managers office can not be used for any type of storage.

Banking Facilities
•    ICE will provide banking facilities during festival
•    Overnight holding facility to avoid movement of cash on/off site each day.
•    Advanced float provision facility available in advance.
•    Based at the back of Centaur in the compound next to police
•    Trading hours 09.30 am-13.00 am and 16.30 pm-18.30 pm.

Bookmaker Reminder
•    Bookmaker nameplates must remain in place until 10 minutes after last race has finished.
•    Umbrellas in all areas must be lowered BEFORE the off, together with rails boards.
•    Third party advertising must be completely removed.
•    The betting ring will be cleaned after racing.All joints need to be moved to front or rear of Ring to allow this process.
•    Rubbish Bags will be provided each day
•    All gear should be kept in a neat and orderly fashion and not exceed 1.4 METRES behind joints
•    Rail bookmakers need to be at the Top Rails for pitching in, even if intending to bet from bottom rail.
•    Please be aware of underage gambling at all times and display your underage/Challenge 21 signage prominently on your joint.
•    Euro exchange rate will be confirmed by BRM's at Pitch in time.
•    Secondary payouts authorised in these areas only. BM back Row. BM 5 behind stand. BM front row 19-24. Centaur end Positions. Lower Tatts 7 at far end.
•    Kit drop off gates 43 Best Mate,29 Centaur,21 North Entrance, before 9.30 am

Duty Betting Ring Managers

Andrew Collins - 07967 322813
Neil Pateman - 07973 122071
Vikki Moore - 07788 583757
Terry Lang - 07887 534825
Bill Sherwood - 07887 534822