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Gambling Commission eServices - Operating Licences

We have received numerous calls from bookmakers requesting information on how to find a copy of their Operating Licence.  Bookmakers firstly need to log on to their Gambling Commission online account via eServices, using the following link.

Once an email address and password are correctly entered, the eServices website will take bookmakers to their Home screen. To generate a copy of the Operating Licence, just click the ‘Generate Licence’ option. The resulting copy of the Operating Licence can then be saved and subsequently emailed to AGT.

A guide to the above procedure can be found in 'Document Downloads' entitled 'Gambling Commission eServices - Operating Licences.'

Bookmakers should note that the Gambling Commission no longer routinely send copies of new Operating Licences by Royal Mail, so eServices is the only way to access the most up-to-date licence.