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Aintree Grand National Bookmaker Badges 2018

Message to Aintree Bookmakers – The 2018 Randox Health Grand National Festival

Further to last year’s Grand National Festival when all bookmakers bought their badges online, and to the recent Aintree Bookmaker’s Liaison Committee meeting, I am writing to outline bookmaker’s badge sale arrangements for this year.  It is again our intention that all bookmaker’s badges are bought online in advance and would ask for your support in this initiative. All badge purchases qualify for Rewards for Racing points which may be redeemed against future badge purchases across all Jockey Club Racecourses.

If you usually buy badges online, you will be familiar with the process, but for those that don’t please follow these instructions:

Go to the Aintree Tickets website


To purchase Daily Betting Badges (DBB) select ‘On Course Bookmaker Day Badges’.  A drop-down menu will then appear. ‘Grand National Bookmaker Fees’ details all DBB, Annual Marketing Fees & AGT charges. To buy badges select ‘Randox Health Grand National’.

Enter the promotion code “JCRAGT” in the blank box on the left hand side and click on ‘Go’.

Select either Festival Zone (Tattersalls) or Embankment badges and click ‘Buy’.

Tick the boxes for the days you want to buy badges for and enter the number of betting positions under ‘Number’.  An Annual Marketing Fee (AMF) needs to be paid online for Grand National list positions, unless you still hold the same list position on the Off list also, and have already paid the AMF if you have attended one of the fixtures since September 2017.  If you only hold the Grand National list position, or you have not attended since September last year then you must select, and make the AMF payment, by ticking the AMF box.

For Embankment bookmakers, the AMF is automatically included within the purchase process.

Click continue.

Check that you have the DBB/s you need under ‘Bundle Results’ (please note that the Shopping Basket total at the top of the page includes the relevant daily AGT charges) and click continue.  On the next page click ‘Delivery Method’ (n.b. an order confirmation email – no ticket) and continue.

(Please note – Because of the different delivery method, Admission Badges must be bought as a separate transaction after you have paid for your DBB’s.)
Now either log into your existing account if you have previously bought JCR badges online or set up a new account. Please ensure that you have your correct List Position and betting ring details, and enter these with your Name, Address and Payment details. This will enable swift reconciliation on site by the Betting Ring Managers who will be provided with a spreadsheet detailing all bookmakers who have bought DBB’s.

Daily Betting Badges cannot be purchased after 5pm on the day before.


Please note that every bookmaker and each staff member must have a valid admission ticket on each day in order to gain access to the racecourse.

Public admission badges for Festival Zone (Tattersalls) are already sold out for Grand National Day, but bookmakers can buy admission badges for the use of themselves and staff only, by following these instructions.

Log back into

You will need a printer connected to your computer/mobile device to purchase admission badges.

Enter the promotion code JCRAGT in the box on the left hand side and click ‘Go’. Click on the first day for which you need admission badges and scroll down the page until you arrive at Festival Zone (click continue if they are not shown on the first page). Select the number of badges you need for yourself and your staff & click continue. To buy badges for other days of the Grand National Festival as well, click on ‘Continue Shopping’. Select the badges for other days in the same way. Please note that to buy badges for Grand National Day you need to scroll down and select ‘Bookmakers Festival Zone’. When you have selected all the admission badges you need click on ‘Continue’.

Double check that the next page has all you need and click on Delivery Method which is Print at Home, and click on ‘Continue’.

Log into your existing account and enter the details required. You will be provided with instructions regarding an email receipt and ticket printing. You and your staff must have an admission ticket each in order to get into the racecourse each day.


Should you have any queries, in the first instance please speak to Steve Clare on 07836 515624.

Please note that as was the case at last year’s Grand National Festival, there will be no Badge Box in operation at Aintree.  Accordingly, should a bookmaker having bought badges on line, be unable to attend or decide not to pre-pitching in, a full refund to the payment card will be given as soon as possible after the race meeting.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Roy Barker
Regional Finance Director – North West